Shalya Tantra


various shalya tantra treatment related to diseases
Research and development: Research inshalya tantra department and documenting the same for research articles.


To prepare the experts by the field of shalya tantra provide quality patient care and promote research activities.


  1. To bring out standard protocol for treating surgical disease through ayurvedic approach.
  2. To emphasis quality and evidence-based education with hands on training to develop optimum surgical skills.
  3. Creating awareness about ayurvedic Para surgical procedures on par with global standards.
  4. To explore and re implement surgical procedures mentioned in ancient texts.
  5. To prove Ayurveda concepts by research activities.


  1. To develop manufacturing unit of kshara and kshara sutra.
  2. To develop standard wound care unit based on ayurvedic concepts.
  3. To implement and develop new diagnostics tools and surgical techniques.
  4. To motivate UG scholars to enhance research activities.
  5. To provide safe and humane environment to patients.


  1. Developing well equipped minor and major OT with efficient operating room.
  2. Developing medicinal leech bank.
  3. For creating awareness and propagating ayurvedic surgical procedures, to bring out good number of medical camps, workshops, seminars and write ups.


  1. Collaborating with other disciplines (RSBK, DG) for manufacturing of medicines required for surgical diseases.
  2. Research projects in collaboration with RGUHS, CCRAS, ETC.

    1. Average OPD patients per day- 15
    2. Average IPD patients per day- 10


    The patient feedback form is a great way to fetch statements and opinions from patients about a system. Here in shalya tantra Department we have many satisfactory patients.