Roga Nidana Evam Vikruti Vignana

Department Of Roga Nidana Evam Vikruti Vignana

Department of Roga Nidana evam Vikruti Vignana is fully flourished with various facilities for students. Roga Nidana Deals with the study of etiology of diseases, pathology involved in the manifestation of diseases their symptoms and diagnosis by examination of patient along the lines of principles of ayurveda. The discipline of Roga Nidana finds a parallel in the modern discipline of pathology.

We have department museum where there is availability of different pathological specimens and micro slides which makes them understand the subject in an easier way. We have 25 models and 50 charts which are presented based on different concepts related to Roga Nidana which are prepared by the students.

The primary concern of the department is always the students. To make sure the students are made capable to diagnose a case on the principles of Ayurveda and contemporary sciences.

  1. To impart the correct knowledge on the concepts of ayurveda related to disease manifestation and pathology
  2. To give practical exposure in laboratory investigations like hematological and biochemical analysis

We have a well-equipped laboratory where different experiments are performed in the practical classes. Weekly twice we have clinical classes which enables students to build communication with the patients and & study the usage of diagnosis tools like lab investigation, MRI, X-ray, CT, USG, ECG so as to understand the case well.


We also have a well-set department library with 50 exclusive Roga nidana related books available for students for their reference.


Our students have bagged 1st rank which is the bench mark for the department. In addition to this our students have also bagged various ranks in the university contributing towards the academic excellence of the department. We encourage our students by assigning various class seminars and projects.