Rasashastra And Bhaishajya Kalpana


Rasashastra & Bhaishajya kalpana (Ayurvedic pharmaceutical science) is a unique branch of Ayurveda which mainly deals with the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines using Mercury, other metals, minerals and also various herbs.

This department trains the students of 2nd year B.A.M.S about concept of various drugs and its identification, procurement, processing, formulation, mode of action, dosage and administration of Ayurvedic medicines. Students also gain the knowledge of good manufacturing practices, standardization and quality control of ASU drugs, drug and cosmetic act 1940 & rules 1945, working of Ayurvedic pharmacy and its management etc. Overall aim of the department is to build up a strong foundation for future Rasa vaidyas & Ayurvedic Pharmacists.


  1. To make the students acquire the competency pertaining to identification, manufacturing and quality control of drugs
  2. To make the students acquire theoretical knowledge and Practical demonstrations of various herbal and herbomineral formulations
  3. Developing departmental museum by collecting various specimens
  4. Converting teaching pharmacy into a GMP certified pharmacy which will permit the manufacture and sales of Ayurvedic medicines to the public of India as well as abroad
  5. Developing drug testing laboratory for the purpose of testing raw materials, in process and finished medicines for purity, safety and efficacy
  6. Development of new dosage forms with the help of sophisticated equipments as a part of research
  7. Providing evidence based drug information and communicating health and medication information with doctors as well as patients whenever necessary


  1. Developing excellent skills in Ayurvedic pharmaceutics and research for students including academic excellence
  2. Conducting seminars and CME to update the knowledge in the subject
  3. Preparation of various Ayurvedic formulations so as to incur practical knowledge among students.
  4. Practical of various formulations are been captured and made in the form of video for easy access during online classes in the pandemic.
  5. Arranging visits to various G.M.P. approved Pharmacies, R & D centers & Pharmacy colleges once in an academic year.
  6. Encouraging and guiding the students to prepare various untouched & exclusive Rasakalpas mentioned in Rasagranthas.
  7. Manufacturing over 30 medicines in teaching pharmacy and dispensing it to patients whenever needed.
  8. Framing of standard operative procedures (SOP) & batch manufacturing records (BMR) of various formulations


Laboratory and Museum: Department contains well equipped laboratory containing various instruments, charts, models, geologically identified specimens. Well maintained departmental library & journals exclusive to Rasashastra and Bhaishajya kalpana.

Raw drug store: Various herbal and mineral drugs are stored for demonstration and manufacturing purpose.

Teaching Pharmacy: Students learn and perform various Ayurvedic medicines like kashaya, churna, avalehya, taila, ghrita, asava arishta, vati, malahara, lavana, kshara, masi, rasakalpas etc.

Research Laboratory: It is equipped with various Modern Analytical Instruments and the physico-chemical tests of medicines prepared in the teaching pharmacy are carried out to maintain the utmost quality, safety and efficacy.


1st rank in Rasashastra and Bhaishajya kalpana has been bagged by our student in RGUHS university examinations 2021 along with various other ranks and distinctions.