Prasuti tantra evam Stri Roga

Department of Prasuti tantra evam Stri Roga

Prasuti Tantra evam Streeroga is Specialized Clinical department dealing with women’s health. Our unit involves in Ayurvedic and modern concepts of obstetrics and gynecology.

  1. Specialized in treating gynecological disorders
  2. Pre-natal, antenatal and postnatal care aims for safe delivery with healthy mother and healthy child
  3. We have specialized protocol for pregnant women called garbhini paricharya which deals month wise regimen for healthy progeny and (Safe delivery) normal delivery
  4. Garbhasanskar aims for healthy, intelligent, immune (Potent) baby, long lived child
  5. Sootika paricharya is given here for post natal women to regain her strength and normalcy back
  6. UG students get ample experience to observe deliveries. They are trained clinically by observing and interacting with ward patients. They are also trained for Ayurvedic therapies like yoni dhavana, Yoni pichu, Yoni seka, Uttarbasti etc.


  1. Departmental museum possesses many specimens of female genital system in normal and abnormal forms, feutuses, charts and CD’s
  2. Museum showcase models depicting Ayurvedic anatomy, Physiology and Embryology relevant to Prasuti Streeroga. Bone models of female pelvis, fetal skull. Labour model to demonstrate delivery models for hands on training.
  3. Department has excellent clinical facilities, including well equipped labour room, OT, procedure room, and separate wards for women.
  4. Specialized treatment all gynecological conditions like Infertility. PCOD, DUB, pregnant women disorders and its management.