Kriya Sharira

Kriya sharira

Kriya sharira is one of the foundation subject for understanding Key concepts of Ayurveda like dosha, dhatu, mala agni, sorts and kriyakala siddhantas form the main content of the subject. It also emphasizes on the importance and scope of contemporary medical physioloy and clinical examination of an individual.

Kriya shareera mainly focuses on ancient knowledge of functioning of the body as in Ayurveda texts and also modern context. Human physiology is essential to understand the body mechanism which will be helpful to be aware of the pathological conditions in the diseased state.

AIMS /GOALS of department

The main goal is to explain the basic principals and processes that operate in a living organism and how they interact.

The department aims at giving quality education to students of Ayurveda in order to inculcate ayurvedic understanding and develop fair idea of applied science.

To develop the thinking of students to utilize the concepts of kriya sharira in curative and preventive aspects of Ayurveda and to apply the knowledge of kriya sharira in better life style and health management.

Also department is having a well equipped laboratory to teach all ayurvedic and modern practicals in which we conduct the experiments related to different blood components which helps the students to get knowledge about normal and pathological conditions and it creates a framework for understanding how the human body adapts to stresses, physical activity and disease.

Also prakruti assessment will be conducted as practicals in which the student could learn to analyze the prakruti of an individual which will be useful for their clinical practice in future.

Departmental activities

  1. Academic activities in the form of regular theory and practical classes.
  2. Guide students to prepare charts and models.
  3. Demonstrate specimen, models in thedepartment.
  4. Develop departmental library with quality books
  5. Encourage studentsto participate in seminars and discussions.
  6. Conduct group discussions on various topics.