Agada Tantra Evam Vyavahara Ayurveda


Agada Tantra the Branch or section of Ayurveda that deals with treatments and prevention of toxins in the body, Which further elaborates the methods and tests to diagnose the bites and stings of various poisonous insects, snake, spiders, rats etc. called Damshtra chikitsa or Visha chikitsa. And is one among Ashtangas of Ayurveda.

Era before modernization took over man lived with animals, nature in a harmonious way probability of getting bitten or attacked by animals, birds, insects or worms was common. So the studies of medicine evolved to provide a solution for deadly poisoning that resulted from these incidents.

Concern of the Department:

It deals with poisoning from animals, plants, vegetables or metals or man-made poison. The combinations of poisons, swabhavika visha (Natural), kritrima visha (Artificial) and samyoga vishas (Combined) and their identification. But more importantly, this branch of Ayurveda also considers Air and Water pollution as a form of poisoning that needed to be purified for health and wellbeing of manhood. Thus accords much importance to purify of air, water, earth and space as much as to the food, environment and quality of life counter befitting mass scale epidemics.

It also deals with Toxicology and laws and principles of medical practice and laws of medical sciences that lead courts to make appropriate decisions- Vyayahara Ayurveda. Including forensic techniques and scientific tests which are useful in the investigation of crimes. Thus providing basis for Toxicology and medical jurisprudence and forensic sciences.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Diagnose & treat common poisoning & management of chronic toxicity.
  2. To Observe the principles of medical ethics in practice of profession.
  3. An overall assessment of the toxicological profile of natural or man-made chemical substances consists of acute, subacute and chronic toxicity studies, mutagenecity, carcinogenecity and teratogenecity studies.

Departmental activities:

For clinical exposure students will be posted for OPD and IPD clinicals.

A month of postings in mortuary for live visuals and practical knowledge about Post-Mortem outside college.

For better understanding of Medico-legal procedures students will be taken for Nearest police stations and court.

Few topics were assigned to students to present in class hours for overall understanding.

Well established museum has been setup in college premises for practical demonstration purpose which consists of many models, charts, specimens

A separate departmental library is been maintained to enhance and provide knowledge on one-to-one basis.