About Principal

Dr. Veerayyaswami S Charantimath MD (Ayu)

Professor & Principal

Department of Dravyaguna
Contact Details – +919924461034
E – Mail Id – principal@spsamc.org
Address – 24 1st floor 5th cross 3rd stage, 4th block,
Shakthi ganapathi nagara, basaweshwara nagar, Bengaluru – 560079

Sir, hails from Hubballi. From middle class family with lot of struggles he has come up in his life. He is 1st batch student of Babuji Ayurveda Medical College, Shivamoga as well as Rajiv Gandhi university of Health Sciences. He is academician, researcher, social service, entrepreneur, Clinician and Humanitarian

Experiences :

  • Ayurveda consultant Since 14 years.
  • Scientific Affairs Manager at Ayurveda one pvt ltd
  • Research Scientist at Calves n Leaves
  • Technical Advisor at Swarnabhoomi gau shala
  • Managing Partner at Ayurtechno solutions
  • Editorial Board Member at Ayushdhara, an international journal for research in AYUSH and allied sciences
  • Presently working as Principal in Sri Paripoorna Sanathana Ayurveda Medical College Hospital and Research Centre.

Author for Dravyakosha April 2011 – March 2012, Bangalore he was working with folk practitioners. Details have been discussed, collected information, identified the plants they use, cross checked with Ayurveda treatise and deleted formulation mentioned in Ayurveda classics. Filtrate was published as a raw material for future research. He also published books on herbs as frontline reference books for ASHA workers, nursing staff, home makers and students in the same series owned by Dept of AYUSH.

Principal’s message

1. Constant effort to cure disease of ailment has involved various systems of medicines since the day in Inception of mankind on this universe India being the traditional country has given much importance to education and has given a prestigious and noble people from various fields to the world the very idea of health or knowledge is to achieve the happiness which is eternal who have it we have four basic steps called Dharma artha Karma and mokshaa.

2. While performing our duties in the four stages Whilesaod earlier if we come across health issues that can be a major drawback for the achievement. Hence Lord Bramha memorized Ayurveda as a solution for this, which later transmitted from generation to generation along with upgradation as per experience from various authors, rushis and sadhakas of sanatana dharma. That includes usage of plant, minerals, poisonous materials and all materials available in universe hauniverunivera as medicine.

3. Giving health and knowledge is biggest contribution one can give to other. The Same effort his holiness Swami Dr Srinivasan has started ayurveda hospital and college for charity since 5 years. Under the guidance of his holiness and the trustees we are aiming high. I would like to upgrade aims and objectives on continual basis. We promise society to give best knowledge and experience to the students. We believe education as prime purpose not literacy. Our team means dedicated for care cure and nurture.


A Campus is spread traditionally in 3.1 acres land on which a college hospital and related building are situated. College campus includes library, lecture halls, residence halls, student centers or dining halls, temples and park-like setting.

A modern campus is a collection of buildings and grounds that belong to a given institution, either academic or non-academic.

Affiliations and recognitions

1. Affiliated to RGUHS, Bangalore vide letter dated 06-10-2017 Ref No. ACA/AFF/AY-75//2017-18

2. Recognised by GOI vide letter dated16-08-2017, Ref No F.No.R.12011/04/2016-EP (IM-1)

3. Recognised by GOK vide letter dated 26-09-2017 Ref No. 1381